Cal Kestis with head attached?

Howdy Eastman! Just wondering if you can release a version of Cal Kestis with the head still attached for resin printing? Doesn’t need to be pre supported I have that worked out but find having the head attached works better and no issues with trying to fit the head to the model after they are printed. I know I can import them into a CAD program and join them (did this with Gordon Freeman) which works great but I feel like I never quite get the original angles that the original model had. :slight_smile:


Hello! I’ve merged the heads to the body and attached them below for you :slight_smile:

I usually don’t make separate heads, unless there’s some practical reason for it (usually to avoid adding supports that start on the model itself). The reason this time was to make variants of the head because the character is so customisable in the game, plus the earlobes, but unfortunately that never came to fruition!

Cal Kestis bust + (93.9 MB)

That makes sense! Thanks for doing that :smile: