I tried my hand at painting

I’ve never painted anything before but I decided to give it a go. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. They’re in order that I painted them.
I did this 4-1/2" Darth Maul first

Then I did my 6" Ahsoka.

Then the 5" Gandalf

Then the 9-1/4" Darth Maul

Then the 4" Darth Vader followed immediately by the 9-3/4" Darth Vader (I didn’t take separate pics of the little one).

Lastly I did my 4-1/2" Mandogu.

I think I’m addicted to rub n’ buff.

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Other than the 18 year old version, what is ‘rub and buff’?

It’s a wax based paint, I dry brush it on with a spouncers I got at Walmart.