New patron, first prints

Hi all,
finally decided to become a patron after admiring these files from afar for far too long.
Thought I would show you all what I’ve done so far.
Printed on Elegoo Neptune 3
0.15 layer height
10% infill
50% size just to check if I need supports, going to reprint the Kratos at 100%


Managed to do a few more over xmas
The lilac filament is eryone matte pla
and the skeleton is eryone silk copper pla

C+C welcome
i have started sanding hulk and the T800 ready for paint, they didn’t come out like that

Printed some more, had to do Kratos again but at 200%, such a good sculpt.
Also a 200% spiderman.

Welcome and nice prints there, what printer are you using?

Thanks, I’m using an Elegoo neptune 3.

I got a neptune 3 and im getting stringing issues with the everyne filament, do you get stringing issues too?

Heres the skeletor i printed today on my neptune and did it at 70% uniform scale and yeah stringing everywhere and the head looks too small compared to body?

Don’t get too many stringing issues, I print at 205 n and 60 bed. The only problems I’ve had were on a matt filament which was under extruding. Ended up swapping the nozzle for a new one and it’s been OK since. Try messing with the retraction settings in your slicer. Good luck.

just did Joel, came out great I think, 0.2 layer 16hrs inc base